Innovations Project: Body Language

My innovations project where i researched body language and how it can be applied to animation. I then created a subtle animation to a sound clip from Along the Waterfront.


3D Animation Masterclass

These 3 animations all show different emotions for the same action. They were created in 11 days.

2D Animation Masterclass

A 30 second 2d animation for my animation masterclass, we had 3 days to animate a bump for the NCCA

“Biting my Butt!” Animation

A short character animation to a sound clip from Madagascar.


Gangnam Style

This animation was created for a bit of fun while waiting for year 3 to start at uni.

Tiger Walk Cycle

This Tiger was animated during my first weeks at MPC, it was a great project where i spent a great deal of time researching how tigers move and how their joints work. I had a lot of fun doing this realistic animation and showed me the satisfaction vfx animation gives.

Specialist Tools: Lip Sync

This is my specialist tools project animation. I focused on researching into facial animation and lip sync and this was my output. The ‘Malcom’ rig was used to animate to a Rush Hour 2 audio clip.

Horse Trot Cycle

My first Quadruped animation

Facial Animation

Aim: to experiment and practice facial animation

11 Second Club: “Bless You”

My entry into the July 2011 11 Second Club competition, used as practice over the summer

First Animation

First Animation Project

Aim: to make a 15 second animation based on the title, “I wasn’t expecting that!” and to make a related walk cycle.


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